Trinity Infratech partners with Earth Saviours Foundation for a noble cause

Trinity Infratech is one of the fastest-growing real estate developers in the town due to many good reasons. However, the reason why this real estate company has become the talk of the town lately is not because of its real estate projects, but because of something else. Yes, this brand has become the role model of many upcoming developers. Well, if you are wondering what they have done that has made its way straight away to the heart of the public is what they have done for old age and specially-abled people.

Yes, you read that right. They have now joined hands with the Earth Saviours Foundation to serve a noble cause. This foundation takes care of differently abled as well as old age people and now the owners of Trinity Infratech will be aiding them and funding them as much as they can. Well, this foundation has been focusing on providing support to such people in different aspects such as educational, psychological, emotional, and nutritional factors.

This, in short, shows a reflection of Trinity Infratech’s commitment that focuses on social responsibility as well as community welfare. And they have finally named this initiative as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Straight from the Trinity Infratech Director’s desk

The Director of People & Culture at Trinity Infratech Sector 88B Gurgaon, Ms. Nonika Khera gave a statement in which she said that the company believes in true legacy. This legacy is not defined by the structures and residential spaces that they built but it truly lies in the overall development of the community that we live in. She is extremely happy and positive by the fact that she got to be a part of this initiative where their company is able to support less fortunate and old age individuals. As discussed, this initiative has been focusing on supporting different aspects of these individuals.

Apart from providing them with food and shelter, they will also be focusing on improving the psychological state of such individuals and making them more confident. Not just that, their living conditions will also be taken into consideration as they are providing coolers for making their living space cool during the summer season.

Elaborating on the specific component of the Initiative

When the Director, Ms. Nonika Khera was asked about providing details on the components of their initiative, then the following is what she told us:

  • Emotional support- For the emotional and mental well-being of these individuals, they have arranged counseling sessions as well as recreational activities so that they can come out of any traumatic mental condition.
  • Educational/psychological support- Apart from counseling sessions, they are also focusing on providing educational sources and learning material to the individuals so that they can also grow in terms of academics and get quality education.
  • Nutritional support- This is another aspect in which we are catering to their needs and requirements by providing them with nutritious food at their place.


This blog post showcases the true vision and legacy of the developers at Trinity Infratech Sector 88B Gurgaon. They have certainly set a milestone for every real estate brand in the country as well as globally. They know how to utilize their finances and resources in the best possible manner.

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